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The Issues

Enter the name for this tabbed section: The Economy

The Arizona economy is made up of many different blends of revenues and expenses. I would support timely, multi-year budgeting and long-term financial planning to help provide more predictability to the budget process for sound economic planning.

Arizona needs to remove barriers to service sharing, and would develop incentives for schools and local governments to consolidate services

Arizona needs to prioritize the state’s investments into these assets that are vital to training, attracting, and retaining the workers we will need to compete in the new economy.

Implement policies to grow the economy by accelerating innovation and entrepreneurism in Arizona in strategic areas of science, aerospace, smart agriculture, manufacturing and distribution services.

Work across party lines and support a comprehensive plan to address Arizona’s fiscal, budget and tax challenges and set priorities for investment, economic development and job growth.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Jobs

Arizona should model legislation just like Indiana put into law that would:

Buy from Arizona companies when state government makes purchases.

This change in state law promotes the use of state agencies’ purchasing power to help companies that employ and contribute to local economies. (Under Indiana House Enrolled Act 1183), a formula used during the bidding process will give local businesses a competitive edge over out-of-state companies for state contracts and purchases, and services.

Arizona should assist companies that are currently in Arizona with 500 or fewer employees and provide incentives for growth and expansion.

Strategy shift from hunting out-of-state companies to growing jobs in Arizona, while promoting, supporting small businesses and minimize obstacles for growth in job creation.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Education

Our kids are the only true natural resources that we have in Arizona. Education attends to the intellectual, emotional and social growth of its students as individuals and as members of a larger society.

People learn best through experience and discovery. Education should be more than just disseminating facts; it should prepare students to be critical thinkers and thoughtful Arizonians. Multiple styles of teaching are needed to address the diversity of intelligences, talents and learning styles. Teachers must educate the "whole child."

As a state we must work toward solutions—not cutting options—to educate our children. From early child development to college, plans must be made to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), while providing a balance of arts and cultural opportunities for all.

Support the educators through competitive pay scales, smaller class sizes and work for parental or mentor involvement so the education process does not stop in the classroom.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Safe Neighborhoods

The Urban Revenue Sharing Fund (Fund) was established by voter initiative in 1972. The initiative provided that a percentage of state individual and corporate income tax collections be distributed to incorporated cities and towns. This concept is called Shared Revenues, which affects you, your neighbors and the quality of life where you live.

I will support the police and fire departments who are the first responders in our neighborhoods. The ability to provide the quality services when our community is in need of emergency help needs to be available, responsive and effective. It’s important for our neighbors to be active in supporting each other and working toward building relationships within the neighborhoods.

As your State Legislator, I’ll work diligently with the city council representatives and Mayor to ensure the resources from the State are directed to our district.